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international finance + corpoarte budgeting vs vampire series

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i just cant stop reading...
reading is my passion currently..
tapi seriously im not a nerd even a geek
because aku suka membaca.

gila.~ kalau aku kumpulan geek or nerd
sumpah that was absolutely aku kena rasuk something ok~!

playfull and sangat susah nak serius kot..
that is why kalau aku serius peeps will automatically conclude yg aku tgh bad mood

by the way back to the issue~!
actually my first mid term test at Binus is arround the corner.
dalam two weeks more kot..
so sangat-sangat hampir ok..

dengan only 2 subjects and credit hour for each only 2..
what. gila sikit kan??
so supposedly its not a big deal to score.
*cheeeeeaaaaaahhh *

ohhh tapi itu sungguh shit ok..
seriously its almost 2 months already but im still clueless and blank..
mana idaknya.. my brain can't function critically..
mana nak adapt bahasa indon then translate into english..
p/s : actually ni alasan org malas study ok.~!

o0ooomggg.. then conclusion i rather choose to read vampire series volume 1-6
dari menghadap international finance and corporate budgeting books..

perhaps.. nanti-nanti kuar lah dalam soklan.
describe the elena's characteristic bla-bla-bla.
dalam aku punya mid test kan..

so.. nanti sah-sah account things aku bergambar rajah kan vampire series..